It’s time to start training…again…

Don’t get me wrong – I love to run. It’s probably the one workout that clears my mind the best.  Allows me to have an hour or so to myself, get outdoors, talk to God, reflect about issues going on in my life, and listen to some good music.  However, when it’s time to start training for a race – sometimes that can be overwhelming.  Knowing that I have a 1/2 marathon in about 2 months is kind of intimidating and then I have another 1/2 only a month after –   the pressure is starting to mount.

Last time I trained for a half marathon, I wished that I would have had some more time.  I pushed myself really hard – and probably advanced in the mileage before I was really ready – but it was do or die time.  This time, I’m doing it right and am using Hal Higdon’s 1/2 Marathon training program which is 12 weeks long.  I am doing the Novice II training program but there are so many different levels that you can choose from to suit you best.  

Today was supposed to be a rest day for me, BUT I can’t ever just rest and I am also participating in the TONE IT UP – Love Your Body Challenge that runs through Valentines Day so…I did their challenge today instead of rest.  It was an interval treadmill workout and I ended up blasting through 6.5 miles in 60 minutes and then walked another .3 miles for a cool down (5 min).  I really should be paying attention to my training schedule for the race but after a busy, stressful day at work, nothing makes me feel better than a good run.

Something that I am missing right now though is running outside.  Living in the Chicago ‘burbs the weather around here really stinks during the winter.  Granted we have had another pretty calm winter with not much snow, but the temps are still in the 30’s and lets face it – I just don’t like to be cold when I run.  So I have resorted to treadmill running which I have learned to embrace.  

The difference between treadmill running and road running is so different so I am trying to make sure I add challenges to the treadmill runs I am doing to compensate at least a bit for this difference.  I run on the treadmill at a 1%-2% incline which stimulates the unevenness of the ground and also makes it so that I have to push off more rather than the treadmill belt doing all of the work for me.   I am also including interval training into my routine which I hope helps with my overall pace time.  

I have decided that I will start posting about my training for these races throughout the next 12-16 weeks or so.  I thought it would be fun to see my progress and also discuss any challenges I am having.  Below is a picture from todays workout – I was a sweaty mess and boy did it feel good.  I usually wear moisture wicking clothing and don’t get to see the sweat that I pour out during my runs but today I wore a regular cotton tank and although I looked pretty gross afterwards – I was happy seeing all of that sweat on my shirt – it makes me feel like I got an even better workout.  Silly probably, I know.  

On tomorrows schedule is a nice short 3 mile run and I will also being doing the new TIU Total Body Toning Routine that they will post on their blog tomorrow.  Link will be posted once they upload.  Until tomorrow…