December 2012 Goals

It’s the start of a new month which means setting new goals and intentions.  This month is usually such a crazy month with holidays, celebrations, parties, shopping, commitments, and an overload of yummy sugar loaded treats.  So here are a few things I hope to accomplish this month in order to stay sane 🙂

–  Get in a booty call (an early AM workout) 3-4 days a week.  This is a HUGE step for me because I am not used to doing this.  Most of my workouts are in the PM as I already have to wake up super early – but I want to make this change in my routine.  Reason is that I find when I workout – when I am done I want to eat healthy.  If I start my day off right, I have less of a chance of wanting to “ruin” what I just did with food throughout the day.

–  Continue my longer runs even though my next half marathon is not until March/April.  I do not want to have to completely retrain when it comes time to run one again.  I’d rather stay on top of my game.

– Plan out my workouts 1 week in advance – have a plan and stick to it!

– Start journaling my workouts and food intake.  I want to keep learning how to eat better and learn how to cook…right now I unfortunately rely on my hubby to cook most of my food (sad but true).  I just never learned and it needs to be made a priority.

– To stay strong during holiday parties and make smart food choices.

– Get more sleep – I want to work on getting a full 7 hours of sleep a day.

– Read at least 2 books during this month that are NOT related to school.

– I am heading off to Palm Springs, CA with my family for vacation for Christmas this year!  Last year it was Tampa so we are excited to be headed West to even sunnier skies.  During this time I want to keep my workouts strong and my food choices even stronger.  No skipping out on BC’s.  Something new I would love to try is hiking.  I just love seeing pictures that people post of them out in the fresh air, taking in the scenery, and getting exercise.  Nothing is better than an amazing workout outside.  Especially when you get to enjoy it with your family.  This will be my daughters first time to California – and her first time on a flight thats more than 1.5 hours long!  Gotta plan for that flight so she doesn’t get bored.

– Rock the Tone It Up Members Only Challenge that starts the 17th of December!  Can not wait to see what K&K have planned for us.  Which reminds me – if you are a follower of TIU – did you see the December calendar?  It’s below if not!



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