Today I started the 7DSD that was created by Katrina and Karena of Tone It Up.  They are two amazing certified trainers and certified nutrition coaches who have showed me a new side of fitness and heathy eating that I never knew existed.  I was a cardio freak and never ate healthy and was somehow confused on why I wasn’t reaching the goals that I wanted to with my body.

Through the Tone It Up website I learned about their Diet Plan which features a 7 Day Slim Down program that gears you up to be ready for big events, parties, celebrations, vacations, etc.  Any time you are going to need to look your absolute best – this is what you want to do 7 days prior.  You can also do this after a vacation to get you back to clean eating and working out again on a consistent schedule.

I am using it to get ready to go on vacation.  I am headed to California for Christmas and wanted to get ready a couple of weeks in advance – so I am doing this now at the start of December, and most likely again the week before I leave (or a modified version of it).  Something that is really cool about it this time – is that I am doing it with about 9 other TIU sisters.  We started a support group to get us through the 7DSD and make it as successful as possible.  This community is the best!

One part of the plan is that you have to do 2 a day workouts!  So for my 1st cardio workout today I did a 5k run and then a 1/2 mile walk cool down.  I also did quick lower body weights at the gym and some abs.  For my PM workout I did a workout that was posted by Julie who has a blog called Peanut Butter Fingers.  She has AMAZING workouts, tips, articles, etc.  Today I did one that was a circuit workout called Heat Things Up – Winter Circuit Workout.  IT WAS AMAZING!!!  I was dripping sweat by the end of the workout.  I did 3 sets of each circuit with no break and then a 1 minute break in between each grouping or circuit of moves for some H2O.  PHEW!!!  It took me about 20 min so then I did a 10 min walk on the treadmill.

After that I decided to also squeeze in the FAR OUT WORKOUT off of the TONE IT UP app.  If you don’t have this yet and your phone supports it – GET IT!!  WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?  It posts a new workout for you every single day at 7PM CST, has access to the community right on your phone (you are a member of the community right??), links to their blog, and an inspiration board for your phone.  Oh the best part?  You can set up a booty call alarm clock on your phone where K and K personally wake you up!  RISE AND SHINE BABES!

I took measurements right when I woke up this morning – so at the end of the 7 days I will post my results.  I am NOT looking to lose any weight, I just want to tone up my body and make those muscles pop!

Oh and one last thing before I sign off for the night.  There is another amazing blogger named Gina who blogs over at Burning Babi Fat.  She created a #31daysofsweat photo challenge that you can post to your instagram account.  There are 31 days of challenges that involve fitness and photos – two of my favorite things so I’m pretty excited about it. If you are up for the challenge, read more info on it here and make sure to follow her!!

Soon I will do a post on what Tone It Up is all about and what they have done for my life.  There are so many positives it deserves its own post.  Until then…


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